Despite how unpleasant it is, accidents happen very often. Spilling fruit punch is one of the possible problems when you area t home. Unfortunately such spill can result in red stains on carpet which are visibly unattractive and very apparent on light colored carpets. Furthermore, fruit punch quickly soaks into carpet fibers and produces stains that become harder to remove the longer they remain untreated. Treat the red fruit punch stains as quickly as possible to preserve the carpet’s aesthetic appeal. Failure to properly remove fruit punch stains can cause permanent damage to the carpet. Remove red fruit punch stains by using the carpet cleaning Ealing basic techniques :

As a start, fill a plastic bowl with 2 cups of warm water mixed with 1 tsp. of liquid dish soap and 1 tbsp. of white vinegar. Thoroughly stir the solution.

Wet a non-dyed cotton cloth in the solution. Blot the red stain with the damp cloth every five minutes for half an hour period. Always do this with a clean portion of the cloth to prevent reapplying fruit punch to the carpet.

Next, moisten a clean household sponge with warm water. Blot the carpet with the damp sponge to rinse out the mixture.

Check the carpet for remaining traces of fruit punch. Dampen another non-dyed cotton cloth with rubbing alcohol if the red stain persists.

Blot the carpet with the alcohol-dampened cloth until you’ve removed all the marks. Always blot with a clean portion of the cloth.

Dampen another clean sponge with cold water. Blot the carpet with the damp sponge to rinse out the rubbing alcohol.

Blot the carpet with a clean terry cloth towel until thoroughly dry. Repeat the process if any traces of fruit punch remain on the carpet.

Cleaners Ealing wish you good cleaning results!

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