What to Do About Those Black Spots On Your Mirror

If black spots are appearing on your mirror, there are several things that could cause them. The most common reason for the appearance of black spots is  mildew. Often, the mirrors placed in a bathroom or a room that is not well-ventilated suffer from the airborne moisture that gets under the glass and damages the [...]

Clean Mud Stains from Carpet

The weather outside is ugly and wet and no matter how hard you try to keep your floors clean; at the end your carpets get a mud stain. These stains are one of the messiest and most noticeable stains on a carpet. Cleaning mud stains can be a great challenge, but if you treat them [...]

Removing Red Wine Stains from Upholstery

It is the season of the holidays and the season of the red wine. However it is part of the red wine drinking ritual to always have a stain on the upholstery of your furniture until the night is through. Those accidents can cost you a lot of money for changing the furniture upholstery, if [...]

Moving Out Before Christmas

To move out of a rented property before Christmas is probably the worst thing that can happen to you in London. I don’t recommend that anyone signs a rental contract that ends on Christmas Eve. You might happen to be homeless on the best family holiday, which is absolutely horrible in my opinion. I wish [...]

Cleaning Tips | Barbecue Party Cleaning

Making a barbecue party in your backyard is a great way to celebrate your birthday but unfortunately sometimes it involves quite a lot of cleaning after it. In order to see how and what you will have to clean, here are some tips and facts about the garden parties:

Four Type of Floors that you Must Consider for Your Home

1. Solid timber floors – as the name suggests it, this type of flooring is made from solid timber planks which are attached to one another by interlocking tongues and grooves. Usually this type of flooring is placed over sub-flooring but can be placed over concrete as well, even though the installation process is a [...]

How to Use Oranges for Decoration

One of the best ways to add a fresh touch to your living area is to let the nature in it. Of course, this doesn’t mean to let your door open and shelter every creature you meet on the road. Still, you can create some homemade decoration , using natural materials such as ordinary oranges. [...]

Flooring Options for the Basement

If you have turned your basement into a proper functioning part of your floor plan, like a den or a games room, chances are you will have to battle it out with some serious moisture and humidity down there. Moisture and humidity are unavoidable in basements and other sub terrain areas of the house.

The London Eye – Some Interesting Facts

The London Eye is one of the marvels of the city. It took seven long years and the tireless work of hundreds of workers from five countries to achieve this engineering result, and what a result it is.

Regular Cleaning of an Vinyl Upholstery

Here bellow are some quick guidelines for teenagers who are afraid of their mother to see spills on upholstery sofa. Good to know is how to react in time and what you need.